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Chardonnay - Arendsig

Nose: Citrus, Green Apple, Pineapple.Pallet: Fresh minerality, rich, round, long lingering taste.

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Bateleur - De Wetshof

Gravel soils originating from mountain rock rich in limestone and clay with a high pH allow this single vineyard Chardonnay to portray a spectrum of flavours framed in elegance and complexity, typical features of a classic Chardonnay. Citrus and pear-drop notes are complemented by an intriguing nuttiness, with elegant citrus on the finish ... read more

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Limestone Hill Chardonnay - De Wetshof

Heavy clay soils rich in limestone allow this Chardonnay to emit optimum varietal expression in a cloak of rich complexity. An un-wooded wine, Limestone Hill has notes of grapefruit and nuts, with the complexity balanced by a nuanced elegance ending with a delicate ripeness ... read more

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Finesse Chardonnay - De Wetshof

The soil's limestone and clay components help the vines to develop strong citrus flavours with a pronounced nuttiness on the mid-palate which leads through to a clean finish with zesty citrus notes. Food Suggestions: Enjoy with leg of lamb, grilled or barbecued meat such as lamb chops and sausages, as well as seafood and grilled fish ... read more

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Chardonnay - Rhebokskloof

A medium-bodied wine with lots of citrus flavours and underlying buttered toast character from delicate French oak. Enough freshness to accompany a wide range of light dishes, such as salads and pasta.

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Sandstone Grove Chardonnay - Rhebokskloof

From its pale gold colour to the peach, lemon-peel and buttered toast character, this wine is designed to please. Matured in French Oak barrels, yet harmonisingly integrated, it is full-bodied, with enough lingering freshness to accompany different food dishes ... read more

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Méthode Ancienne Chardonnay - Springfield Estate

This fine Chardonnay is a tribute to classic winemaking of ages past. Barrel-fermented with natural yeast present on the grapes, it was bottled unfiltered and unrefined.

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Wild Yeast Chardonnay - Springfield Estate

True to its moniker, the Wild Yeast Chardonnay is fermented using the native, wild yeasts that occur naturally on the skins of the grapes. Unwooded, it is fermented in underground cement tanks in a slow, volatile process that can take anywhere between 6 – 9 months ... read more

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Chardonnay - Kranskop

Ripe tropical fruits and rich citrus flavours on the nose and crisp full ripe fruit flavours on thepalate. Pair with creamy pasta, chicken, fish and vegetable dishes.

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Chardonnay - Asara

White pear and citrus on the nose with hints, with white peach aromas and subtle toast. A fresh-fruit entry and full mid palate of cream and buttered toast. Peach and lime zest linger, classic and mouth-watering.

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