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Wines offered by Van Ryn's

10 YO Brandy - Van Ryn's

Lovely caramel and toffee flavours Rich colour. Drink neat or ad a block of ice if you prefer. Lovely with chocolate.

R 425.00
per bottle

12 YO Brandy - Van Ryn's

Rich colour and the unique caramel flavours. Drink neat with a lovely piece of chocolate after dinner.

R 815.00
per bottle

15 YO Brandy - Van Ryn's

My personal favourite with a darker chocolate to sip neat in front of the fire. Beautiful rich colour and caramel flavours.

R 1460.00
per bottle

20 YO Brandy - Van Ryn's

Soft and the right choice with a dark chocolate.

R 1966.00
per bottle